Julia Palmer   I  Networking Strategist

Julia Palmer has dedicated her career to cleaning up the negative connotation of the word ‘networking’. Until a few years ago, her career involved global travel and attending hundreds of conferences in all industries. Selling millions of dollars of sponsorships and partnerships along the way she believes firmly in the effectiveness of networking as a marketing and sales requisite.

Julia, now a well established consultant on business relationships, has coined many terms to help revamp her message. She is best known for “the Face to face Revolution”, “NRM - Network Relationship Managament” and “Netships - Networking relationships”.


Book Julia for your next event and become a raving fan...

My role is to keep people informed about the latest ideas, innovation, research and best practice in the world of professional selling and sales management. My audience ranges from sales leaders in the world’s largest companies, to consultants, trainers and coaches. They’re a tough bunch who want good information that they can apply immediately to get better outcomes.

I’ve had the pleasure of having Julia Palmer engage with this audience a number of times over the last couple of years, presenting at high profile events which Sales Effectiveness Australasia has hosted.

What can I say – except that she delivers, and the audience love what she delivers. And I’ve got the feed-back sheets to prove it!

Her content is always lively, engaging – and most importantly – relevant and valuable. She knows networking and knows how to get her audience networking better.

I look forward to working with Julia in the years ahead, and would suggest that every sales organisation learn the frameworks and techniques she trains. Knowing how to network professionally is an essential tool for salespeople and sales managers in the 21st century – and there’s no-one better to learn from than Julia.

— Paul Sparks, Principal, Sales Effectiveness Australasia

Julia Palmer has been involved with Melbourne Business Network on several occasions.

Melbourne Business Network is a Networking organisation that facilitates business-to-business relationships for SME’s within the Melbourne CBD and Metropolitan Melbourne. We also have a close working relationship with Small Business Victoria and we have held events that they have run, using Julia as one of our profile guest speakers.

Recently, we held a networking seminar, with Julia as our presenter. The attendees were predominately SME’s and the seminar was such a success, we have now had requests to run a SME - full day seminar, based around networking, with Julia as the presenter.

As President of Melbourne Business Network, I consider, Julia to be one of the leading authorities in Networking training and would have no hesitations in recommending Julia as a presenter who can deliver value to SME’s and provide them with clear and relevant networking skills for the development and growth of the business.

— Dave King, President – Melbourne Business Network