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Networking with P.E.O.PL.E. is developed to assist you gain and refine skills, knowledge and attitudes relating to networking. Comprising six modules, this program is designed for those who want to grow their network and ensure their networking efforts are more effective. Each module showcases distinctively targeted techniques that achieve optimum results, whilst encouraging a proactive approach to your networking skills.

The techniques outlined cover all you need to know about networking at events and functions; from pre-event checklists and preparation, body language, communication and active listening skills, time management, and post-event follow up and evaluation.

Program Structure:

P = Prepare
E = Evolve
O = Observe
P = Prioritise
L = Listen
E = Evaluate

This program will help you tap into the full potential of using networking as an effective business tool, and is presented in six modules, using the following acronym, P.E.O.P.L.E.

Each letter represents a key strategy and that is broken down into 10 essential techniques to master that strategy. After six critical modules and 60 techniques, your individual strategy is embedded during the Implementation Phase to ensure behavioural change is achieved. This final phase provides a perfect opportunity for you to put into action the strategy you have developed in the course and get feedback from expert trainers on your networking techniques. A comprehensive assessment will be provided based on your strategies and results, as well as the self-evaluation surveys submitted at each benchmark stage in the program.

Target Audience:

Essential for those who want to improve their networking skills and grow their personal and professional network.




• Develop your own personalised networking strategy
• Permanently transform your people skills
• Ultimately open up your networking opportunities.
• Observe others in order to better 'read' and interact with them.
• Prioritise your time at a networking event.
• Improve your listening skills and help you remember names!
• Evaluate your network and networking efforts.




Each module takes between 20 minutes to 1 hour to complete, course comprises of 6 modules, followed by the Implementation phase. It is recommended the complete the program over an 8 week period.



  • Networking Pre-course Survey 5 % 
  • 1. Prepare 10 % 
  • 2. Evolve 10 % 
  • 3. Observe 10 % 
  • 4. Priortise 10 % 
  • 5. Listen 10 % 
  • 6. Evaluate 10 % 
  • Networking Post-course Survey 5 % 
  • Implementation Phase 25 % 
  • Post-implementation Survey 5 % 

Note: Weight is the percentage that each component contributes towards the final result.