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Networking Skills


Book a 90-120 minute Lunch and Learn to ensure you and your team make the most out of ALL (internal and external) networking opportunities!

Whether you are;

  • Inviting clients to lunch/dinner or holding an event for them
  • Representing your organisation at industry, professional or supplier events 
  • Breaking out of your silo at your internal events and get togethers

Or all of the above – make sure your networking works! (and you get a return on the investment of your time and money this year).

If you consider networking to be daunting and awkward, cluster with people you already know, or you are often unprepared and just show up, you are probably not getting the most out of the investment of your time and money.



Led by a networking relationships specialist, you will examine the 6 biggest networking mistakes, develop a strategy to counter them and learn how to create high performing networking relationships that work for you long term



Networking strategically is a learnt skill. Imagine walking into your next event with;

  • A strategy of who best to connect with
  • The confidence to start charismatic conversations
  • The tact of leaving a conversation without seeming rude
  • An understanding of the impact of non-verbal body language
  • The right methods of how to follow up to build reciprocal business relationships

 + much more…


  • Open invitation for your staff – no cap on numbers
  • This session can be held as breakfast, lunch or a cocktails session if preferred.


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