Networking is a learnt behaviour - Create and Manage Networks that work

We deliver tailored and public workshops, courses and programs that help you learn the most effective skills for business networking and managing relationships. 


Our participants:

  1. Learn proven networking and communication strategies and align them to their own position and career
  2. Eliminate behaviours that hold them back from achieving successful networking and relationship management results
  3. Develop the skills to create and manage networks that help them achieve their goals.

In-house Programs

Our specialist professional development programs are based on competency standards set by the Business Networking Academy. These are designed to enable clients to develop an effective strategy to network anytime, anywhere, with anyone and once connected applying superlative communication techniques to nurture business relationships.

Contact us to discuss what will best suit your team and their learning needs. Following this, we will submit a proposal for your consideration. We can customise our content from the following selection of highly effective:

  • 2 to 3 hour workshops
  • 1 and 2 day training courses
  • 3 to 6 month development programs

It is recommended to combined your program with pre and post diagnostic reviews. Each client will receive a detailed report at the conclusion in order to measure behavioural change and positive organisational impacts.

Invest today. Business people cannot afford to make mistakes when it comes to their own career progression company development. Strong NetShips™ (networking relationships) are the foundation and building blocks of success.

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1 and 2 Day Courses

Create Net[work]s Training Course 

Create Net[work]s Training Course 

Manage Net[work]s Training Course

Manage Net[work]s Training Course

Netships Training Course

Netships Training Course

1 Day Create Net[work]s 

You will learn and refine how to:  

  • Present yourself and your company professionally
  • Answer the question ‘What do you do?’ productively
  • Start and lead memorable conversations
  • Excuse yourself politely
  • Be comfortable and charismatic when networking
  • Apply etiquette to social situations (formal and informal)
  • Remember names of people you meet
  • Improve your verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • Ask and capture critical information for future connections


1 Day Manage Net[work]s 

Advanced program where you will:

  • Improve, maintain, and manage ongoing relationships with clients, colleagues and stakeholders
  • Adapt communication methods by learning the 4 brain types to meet your networks preferred communication and gender style
  • Increase influence and effectiveness of your business relationships 
  • Ensure communication methods such as email, phone and face to face are used appropriately and to achieve the best advantage
  • Maintain your database to improve the management of clients and networks
  • Improve organisational and industry visibility

1-2 NetShips™ Program

Customised for each client combining any module in an agreed timeframe for training and development.

Can include Mentoring and online learning to help implement each networking relationships plan.


2 Day Create and Manage Net[work]s

Combination of our signature day courses tailored based on conducting a pre-course participant needs analysis survey.

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2 to 3 hour Workshops

Behind the Scenes (of your upcoming event)

  • Understanding the value of networking opportunities for self and company
  • Learning appropriate behaviours for hosting and attending your event
  • Apply techniques to increase confidence and comfort levels
  • Understand team tactics for a successful event
  • Implement strategies to augment outcomes

Applied Networking (6 biggest networking mistakes and how to avoid them)

  • Identify the 6 critical components of networking
  • Illustrate the skills to improve your non verbal and verbal communication when networking
  • Create meaningful connections and know how to follow up to build reciprocal business relationships
  • Create a personal strategy encompassing the six components of 'Applied Networking'

Relationship Selling

  • Establish rapport and build strong communication skills that enable you to steer the sales process
  • Utilise RBF (Relationship Building Formula) to increase engagement with prospects and customers
  • Learn techniques on how to represent your brand with your own individual sales strategy 'be real'
  • Define the factors that influence shared understanding  
  • Set mutually beneficial goals

7 Steps to Communication Success 

  • Achieve the forgotten art of shared understanding in communication
  • Understand the impact of verbal and non verbal communication and brush up on the do’s and don’ts
  • Study the psychology of leading and controlling conversations
  • Learn 6 questioning techniques and when to use them to achieve the best outcomes
  • Master the art of active and empathetic listening
  • Become skilled at how to build and keep rapport when communicating with anyone
  • Achieve congruence in communication with management, peers and subordinates.

Each Workshop is designed as an interactive session with an Expert Facilitator - Buzz us now!

Outcomes Measured

Outcomes Measured

3 to 6 month Development Programs

We offer a blended approach that combines a diagnostic review, in-house and public face to face training, e-learning modules, one on one coaching/ mentoring sessions and a post program report. This carefully integrated method ensures learning is embedded and behavioural change is achieved.

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Connect here - Having specialised in this critical area of skill development since 2005, we have hours and hours of training content. We tailor all delivery based on; duration, numbers, skill level, so please get in touch to discuss...

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