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Jolly or Silly Connections?

"Social networking is like a club. Twitter is the dance floor, tumblr is the bar and facebook is the people crying in the toilets--Author Unknown

As the year draws to a close (I know, it went too fast right?), it's time to celebrate with those that matter. The end of year party is important for many reasons;

  • it's a chance for the organisation to thank you for all your hard work
  • it's a chance for you to kick back after all your hard work
  • it's a chance for you to bond with your team, department and the wider organisation

Then there are all the other events you are invited to; by suppliers, industry groups, professional associations and clients if your lucky. 

This week, I am hearing from my network that some really great conversations are taking place at the end of year functions. People seem more relaxed and open. Make the effort to attend any others you have coming up, and if time allows, stay for the whole event and speak to a wide mix of people.

If you are from a smaller business, perhaps organise a lunch or drinks yourself - bringing people together face to face is great for you and them. Just remember your hosting skills:)

Enjoy the festivities.

Guess What!

  • I am on Kochie's Business Builders again! This Sunday at 11am on Channel 7 - I was fortunate to help a mumpreneur with her business growth and I know the tips will be useful to everyone who networks
  • You can also join this webcast with Kochie, myself and other KBB experts on Wednesday 11th ~KBB Expert Panel
  • Course dates for the early 2014 are available. Enrol here

Julia, as always get in touch If I can help you further
Happy Netships (networking relationships)

Posted on December 6, 2013 .