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How business mentoring can explode your growth and profits


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 
 Benjamin Franklin


One-on-one business mentoring can be the single most valuable investment you ever make for yourself.  Yes, that’s a bold statement!
Last night I attended an event for future leaders with an amazing panel of speakers, each one talked about the role mentors played in their success and recommended one for your career progression.

We also see so many small and medium sized business owners who are just going with the flow, hoping for the best and ‘winging it’. Yet those who invest in business mentoring learn so much more about business, develop strategic plans and know exactly where they’re headed.
Business mentoring has the potential to sky-rocket your career and dramatically increase your growth and profits. Here’s how.


  1. You get advice. Having an expert on hand to ask questions and learn from is invaluable. Their advice is likely to be much better than anything you’ll learn in a business management course. A mentor can give you specific advice around YOUR exact problem, not just a generic piece of advice.

  2. You’ll get perspective. A business mentor will look at you from a different angle and see problems and areas for improvement where you can’t see them. This alternate perspective can be life changing. You’ll receive critical feedback in key areas such as communications, relationships, leadership, technology and processes and be presented with ideas you had never thought of.

  3. You’ll gain knowledge. A mentor will help you develop business skills and teach you at the same time as helping you. They’ll show you what you should do but they’ll also explain why it’s a good thing. You’ll learn new methods and strategies for growth, strategy and problem solving that you can apply to your business.

  4. You’ll gain confidence. Knowing you have someone to turn to when you need it is a great confidence booster. Knowing someone’s got your back can give you the encouragement you need to try something new or get you out of a rut when you’re stuck.

You should also know that you can help your mentor too! I always ask mine what I can do to help his business :). I also recommend having several mentors/advisors depending on your stage in life or career needs. 

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Happy Netships!