Why networking courses are the best career investment you can make

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin

It’s no secret that effective networking can bring a plethora of rewards.

But it’s the “doing it effectively” part that is the key. Turning up to a networking event unprepared and just hoping for the best is a common approach, unfortunately, and doesn’t always yield the best results.  

If you’re serious about your career and you’re ready to take it to the next level, a professional networking course is one of the best career investments you can make. Networking has been proven to deliver a significant return on investment, and is an invaluable business tool.

Networking strategically is a learned skill. Through a networking course, you can learn:

·        How to work out who to best connect with. Not everyone at an event will be a suitable match for you, so it’s important to focus your efforts on the right people.

·        How to start charismatic conversations, and have the confidence to start them. You don’t need an elevator pitch; you simply need to know how to open the conversation in a friendly and memorable way.

·        How to end a conversation tactfully when you need to. Some people won’t be suitable for you to build a business relationship with, so you need to move on and find someone who is a better match.

·        How to interpret the body language of others, and control your own. If you’re nervous, you’ll be sending out vibes with your body language (without even knowing it) that can make you seem unapproachable.

·        How to follow up properly with connection you’ve made so you can build a reciprocal and mutually beneficial business relationship. Often you need to do more than just send a follow up email.

These might seem like easy tasks, particularly if you believe yourself to be a confident or extroverted person. Going through the motions with tasks like these can net you some good results, but mastering these skills is what’s going to give you outstanding results. The investment you make on professional networking training will teach you skills you can use for a lifetime.  

If you’re interested in a professional networking course that will teach you these skills, take a look at our next half day Business Networking Skills Workshop on 14th March 2017.  

Julia Palmer, a respected Networking Strategist and Chief Executive of the Business Networking Academy, presenting and training on how to create and manage networks that work. To learn more visit www.juliapalmer.com & www.BusinessNetworkingAcademy.com.au

Posted on January 12, 2017 .