Effective sales messaging: How to get it right every time


"Outstanding people have one thing in common:
An absolute sense of mission."
 Zig Ziglar


How many times in your life have you been asked, “What do you do?”

It’s a common, everyday question, and one that’s thrown around even more at business networking events. I don’t encourage you to ask it BUT the way you answer this question is going to be your most effective sales message.  

Getting your message right is vital. If it’s not up to scratch when it comes to your networking conversations, you could be missing out on a lot of business opportunities. Networks are centred on you as an individual, and to build your personal brand, you have to know how to educate others as well as promote yourself.

When you meet someone new whilst networking, and the other person asks you what you do, they actually want to know two things:

            Why do I need what you’re selling?

            Why should I buy it from you? 

Your sales message (the answer to “What do you do?”) shouldn’t be about you! It should be about the potential customer (the person you’re speaking to). This is where many people go wrong.

So, to come up with a winning answer that is your most effective sales message:

·         Don’t use jargon. Big fancy industry words won’t make you sound smarter. They’ll confuse your customer and plant a seed of doubt in their minds.

·         Keep it short and to the point. You’ll lose their attention if you go on and on, so keep your spiel to less than 30 seconds.

·         Have different versions. Have a few different versions of your message to suit the person you’re speaking to. What you say to a customer might be different to that of an industry professional. You can also alter your message to suit their buying motivations and for different stages of the sales process.

When you’re planning your message, be yourself, don’t lie and don’t make false promises.

This ‘positioning statement’ as I like to call it is something I work you on in our courses – so, If you’d like some help crafting your ultimate sales message, we’d be happy to help!

Happy Netships!


Posted on February 25, 2016 .