4 Networking New Year Resolutions to boost your business


"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other."

Abraham Lincoln

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We just got back from a few weeks in the UK, so very nice to see the sun today in Sydney:). Hope you enjoyed time with family and friends too. I always find that this time of year is perfect to take a look at the year that was for your business, and to think about what you want from the year ahead.
Is 2016 going to be the year your business does exceptionally well? Do you want to grow and expand? Do you want more clients? Do you want fewer clients but higher paying ones? Do you want to hire staff to ease your workload?

Whatever you goals are, if you’re not actively networking, you’re selling yourself short. Networking (as many of you know) not only boosts your business, but can increase your social confidence and grow your business knowledge.
Here are 4 networking New Year’s resolutions to grow your business this year.

1.       Think about your goals for business growth this year. How can networking help you achieve your goals? Business is all about making the right connections and spreading the word about your service or product. Advertising and marketing campaigns are vital for getting your name out there, but you need to build a solid network too. It’s an essential part of the marketing equation.

2.       Work out how many events you need to attend. Networking helps you make connections that can lead to opportunities, sales, contracts, clients and investors. Work out how many new clients or sales you need to achieve your goals, and the success rate of an average networking event. You’ll then know how many events you need to go to this year. Remember, even if your role isn't sales focussed, you still need to benchmark and share knowledge with peers. 

3.       Find out where your target audience is. Different networking events attract different types of business people. Are you attending the ones that your target clients/ contacts also attend? If you’re continually going to an event that gives you no results, it might be time to scrap it and try another one.  

4.       Refine your introductions, skills and strategy. If your networking event success rate isn’t great, perhaps it’s your strategy that needs some work. Do some research and find out the best ways to introduce yourself and your business. If you’re launching into sales conversations straight away, try some small talk first to warm up.

Networking is by far one of the most successful ways to meet new connections and grow your business. Having just celebrated 10 years in business last year, I for one and very grateful to my network and the wonderful people in it. I hope you try out some of our tips so your business/ career is off to a great start for the year.
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Happy Netships (and happy New Year again)


Posted on January 14, 2016 .