How to be more visible in your network


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Our calendar is booked with presenting and training over the next few months to those that want to arm themselves with the skills necessary to effectively attract, leverage and retain business relationships. Like many of my clients, you may be going through major internal changes. Some are facing mergers/ takeovers and others are part of cost minimisation and repositioning efforts. Sound familiar?   

If this is you or someone you know, then the following observations will be meaningful and timely.   Whilst so much happens around you, know that there is much you can personally influence. Now more than ever, its time to execute that influence and remain highly visible within your immediate and wider networks.  So many people I train admit that they shy away from company social gatherings, and if they do attend they stick to people in their immediate team (who they see all day long and have strong relationships with). Then throughout our training workshops they change their perspective and question why they haven’t taken a personal interest in marketing themselves, both internally and externally.In his book ‘The importance of Managing Visibility’, George Dudley maintains that managers who make themselves visible get higher raises and more promotions. And in today’s volatile economic climate, employees need to create a safety net by identifying other jobs within their organisations that they could move to, and by connecting with colleagues who could refer them and employers who could hire them through professional associations.

What if you knew how to raise your visibility and showcase your talents and interests so your organisation could get maximum benefit from you?    

Keep networking, wherever you are in the globe and here a six ways that you can raise your visibility today;

  1. Ask someone outside of your immediate team to grab a tea/ coffee with you and take the opportunity to share what your teams are working on
  2. Instead of having lunch at your desk, take your lunch to a common area and see who you meet
  3. Instead of replying to an internal person by email, go and see them at their desk to discuss the matter
  4. Buy a bag of lollies (or dried fruit, but lollies work best:) and offer it to your colleagues. If you want you can have a jar permanently on your desk so people can pop by and say hi.
  5. Volunteer for a committee of your choice e.g. social, book club, or project based.
  6. Accept an invite to a social event; its not about the drink, its about the people, so stretch yourself and go up to a senior manager and say hello.

Remember, visibility is the key - stay top of mind with your network.  

Now it's time to educate your networks about how fabulous you are and how you can help them or someone they know:)

Happy Netships!

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