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BUZZ QUOTE ~ "Being flooded with information doesn't mean we have the right information or that we're in touch with the right people".  Bill Gates 


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It's coming up to that "silly season", where everyone gets to celebrate with those they know - professionally and personally.

I'm not going to scare you by telling you how many weeks there are until Christmas, although can I say it's now in single digits!  Our team is busy helping our clients prepare for their end of year events, presenting and training so that the important skills to help you deliver and achieve, are being polished and perfected.  It is at this time of the year, that we need these relationships to operate in the most efficient way, so we can deliver on expectations in the midst of many competing priorities.  

Are you in the right network for you?
Between industry bodies, professional associations, gender and interest based groups we are bombarded with choice!
Yet, a common question I get is ‘what group should I join’ or ‘where should I network’ – both very good questions as often people waste time and money in the wrong rooms so here are some questions to consider.

  • Do you need to be a member or can you go along (for a few months) as a guest to work out if the group is a fit for you?
  • Does the group provide YOU value in ideas, content and connections?
  • Are you getting a (good) return from your time and money investment?

Recently I was asked to launch a new networking group (in fact it's the third one this year). I distinctly remember my chats with the Founder prior to the night discussing the fact that there wasn’t a group in the market representing the professional needs of women in health care, so she passionately created 'Franklin Women'.

Julia Palmer with the Founder of Franklin Women, Dr Melina Georgousakis, at the inaugural networking event in August.

The launch was a great success and now it's just a matter of the members uniting and continuing with the same vision to make it work for them all. 

You see there are over 1000 official networks in Australia. One for everything and sometimes several for one thing!

It would be impossible to join them all, so you need to start evaluating the ones that work for you. 

Remember, visibility is the key - meet the right people at the right places and foster the right relationships for the long-term.  

We have started to develop a Networking Directory (by Industry and type) on the Business Networking Academy's website. We want to make sure you know what's out there and available to you. We will keep adding to it and if you have any suggestions, let us know.

Our aim is to help you align with the best groups for you and of course teach you all the skills you need to operate effectively in them.

Put some time into working out what's right for you and let us know if we can help...

Happy Netships!
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Posted on October 23, 2014 .