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I sincerely appreciate the messages over the weekend for my inclusion in the SMH article on Saturday.  It's a weird feeling to flip over and see yourself on the cover! A big thanks to Ann-Maree Moodie who interviewed me and so accurately captured my thoughts.

The My Career article 'Quality Contacts' is available here in case you missed it. It seems many of you have been reflecting on the quality of your network recently and rightly so as many opportunities are lost and events wasted based on the wrong approach and behaviours.

As I stood waiting for my coffee this morning, joking with the guy in front about the number of sugars in his colleagues coffee's, his phone rang and he answered with "Anthony, how can I help you?". I assumed the callers name with Anthony until he said "no problem John, we will be there in 30 minutes". He was from State Transit Authority (this I gathered from the signage on his truck).
It got me thinking about the number of tantrums I have witnessed lately and how Anthony's approach to his network may just be the difference between quality contacts and just contacts.

Throwing a tantrum doesn't help! I have spent the last few months travelling, first presenting at various cities around Australia and then I headed off to Canada and the US. I think you can all relate to the fact that things go wrong when travelling; taxi's don't show up, flight's are delayed, restaurants are busy and no matter how hungry you are your entree still gets forgotten!
With a smile plastered on my face most of the time, nothing phased me and the more I demonstrated this the nicer people were to me. People can choose to help you or not and often they can turn things around for you but if you throw a tantrum they probably won't! I got discounts on items without asking, they threw in free dessert as well as entree's when the entree was late for me and my cousin (who is a lawyer and would have taken a much different approach to me!) and I shared taxi's so everyone could make their flights and the list goes on.

Most people shoot themselves in the foot my being rude and demanding and I really believe it all comes down to how you handle yourself and the situation! The Buzz quote included in this edition couldn't be more true: 'You haven't lost your smile at all. It's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there'

Yes, you can over smile. I was training, soon to be, Relationship Manager's for an Australian Bank recently and was asked this. There is a balance with smiling and it must be genuine - over smiling makes you look insincere, it also means that the mirror neuron in the other person's brain isn't triggered for them to smile back at you and feel like helping you.

With silly season ahead - there are plenty of great chances to maximise your network. Think about the types of contacts in your network- how many would you say are of 'quality'?. If this can be improved, I hope today's article get's you thinking about approaching each situation like Anthony to see how you can help and I'm sure people will want to help you back:)

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Posted on October 18, 2011 .