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Hi Julia, 

I talk so much about visibility but I never imagined we would be recognised globally for our marketing. Just shows that recognition can come from many angles and when you least expect it!.

BIG NEWS ~ the Business Networking Academy was the 2011 Rebrand 100. Global Awards Winner! After 8 years as bconsulted and all our hard work last year to re-launch, we are very proud of our designer's, Synsation for delivery us a great result and for their recent win. Talk about visibility on a global level! If you were at our re-brand events, you may even see pictures of yourself on the submission - so you too are famous! Read here for more on this amazing story ...

Now let's take visibility to a pure networking level and talk about pressing the flesh.

A few weeks ago, I was flicking through the paper awaiting a client when I saw the headline 'A BEER WITH BAIRD'. The then NSW Shadow Treasurer had launched a campaign where he was offering voters to meet him for a casual chat over a beer. 


When asked why he did it, he explained it was a way for him to "bust out of Macquarie St and find out what people really think". Successful outcome for him? Given the election result, I guess so.

Speaking of pressing the flesh, how would you like to network with Mark Bouris, Cliff Rosenberg, David Koch, a bunch of fabulous entrepreneurs and me? 

The line up for Kochie's Business Builder's Boot Camp this Thursday & Friday is so impressive and there are a few tickets left. As I am a presenter (Thurs 5.35pm session) at the event we are able to offer you 30% off. Click here to register and use 'BIZNET' as your discount code.

WIN a ticket to KBB this week! (We have a spare as one of the BNA team is unable to attend). The complimentary ticket that we are offering is the Full Boot Camp Combo which inlcudes both conference days and the Small Business Celebration Night valued at $875 each.

To win it, simply reply to this email with a networking story where visibility paid off for you recently.
You must send your entry by 4pm today as we need to notify the Event team by 5pm who is attending. 

Awaiting to hear from you....
As always, get in touch to chat further

Happy Netships!

Each one of you has something no one else has, or has ever had: your fingerprints, your brain, your heart. Be an individual. Be unique. Stand out. Make noise. Make someone notice. That’s the power of individuals.
— Jon Bon Jovi
Posted on April 4, 2011 .