Change is in the air - Be prepared

Relationships change with time, they only last if you learn to adapt and except that change.

It’s official; the passage to winter has opened. The chilly edge to the air has arrived along with adornments of scarves and coats. The smell of wafting afternoon barbeques as one with the warm balmy breeze are no longer. Goodbye refreshing salads and welcome back warm hearty soups!

Just like the change of seasons (and the Buzz quote above), times of transition in our professional and personal lives are inevitable. Although change can be exciting, It’s not always embraced by all, and for some even the mere thought of change brings about feelings of fear and trepidation.

For me, change heralds opportunity and growth. An opportunity in which to redirect and re-evaluate lifes day-to-day actions and make fruitful changes in alignment with my life ambitions.

Last month, whilst working with our client, Rio Tinto in Perth, I was talking to a gentleman in his mid 30’s about his decision to leave his stable job, friends and family in Sydney to pursue a completely new career on the other side of the country. This decision was not one made overnight but it was clear he was a little anxious and uneasy now he was actioning his plans. He advised me that his new professional direction bought him much clarity but the mere thought of having to start over with building new relationships was a completely daunting one.

My immediate response to him was “Regardless of where they’re based, do you currently have a strong network of contacts that can support you with your new endeavours in Perth? Can your existing relationships help you by introducing you to their networks? Identifying your gaps and aligning your networking plan in with your new ambitions is the key.”

Changing the way you strategically think about your network and how it can provide value moving forward is imperative.

A paradoxical statement it may be, but it is true that the only constant in life is change.

It’s not a matter of “if” but rather a matter of “when” you find yourself like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz “not in Kansas anymore…?” and in unfamiliar territory, ensure you feel confident that you can take comfort in knowing you’ve done all you can to ensure your networks support your future journeys.

On a personal note - I'm also getting very excited by my impending maternity leave and the birth of my first baby, so I'm starting to slow down full day training's - having said that, I am running our next (and maybe my last for the year) Public Courses in a few weeks (21st & 22nd June) and would love your help to fill it...

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Happy Netships!

Posted on June 7, 2012 .