A Note of Thanks...

Well, I can say for sure that my network grew by at least one person this year! My baby daughter, will be four months old tomorrow and we are delighted to be sharing our first Christmas with her. 

It's amazing to reflect on the people that come in and out of our lives as our circumstances change and we go through various 'chapters'. Whatever stage you are at, I hope you take take time over the festive season to celebrate and thank those that have helped you along the way. 

Now more than ever, I feel truly blessed by the networks I have fostered, so let me take this opportunity to thank my lovely team, generous affiliate partners, fabulous clients AND all those that frequented our gatherings in 2012 - be it a training course or a networking event - I sincerely appreciate your ongoing support. I hope you have all been rewarded with valuable networking connections.

I wish you well for your end of year celebrations and hope you make the most of it both personally and professionally :)

See you on the other side in 2013!

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Posted on December 21, 2012 .