Social Grooming Just Like Chimps!

Do you like gossiping? I hope so, because done correctly it can really unite networks. Though many tell me they don't like the word 'gossiping' - you will be relieved to know it can really help build your career.

Even though it has a negative connotation, people just can't seem to resist partaking in a bit of information sharing at the workplace, which according to a great article I read in MyCareer over the weekend 'The good side to gossiping', is a good thing!

Andrew O'Keeffe from Hardwired Humans explained that the two reasons we gossip are; 
1. It's a really useful source of information
2. It's the way we form and maintain alliances

Apparently we are really similar to chimps in this regard! Chimps spend abut 20% of their day grooming each other and similarly about 20% of our day is spent on social grooming. According to O'Keeffe (who works closely with chimp expert Jane Goodall) there are numerous implications arising from our compulsion to share information. 

"Firstly it pays to be conscious about connections we have at work. Who we groom and who reciprocates with us? Likewise, we should be aware of who not to groom and who we should be careful of" he says. 

Sound familiar? Yep, you guessed it - we are always networking! 'want to catch up for a coffee?', 'guess what I just heard?' etc.

The reason I liked the above article so much is that it quantified that 20% of our day is spend gossiping/ chit chatting/ networking so it would make sense to make this act more deliberate. I think you can really use such opportunities to help raise your profile and that of others. 

You can be more strategic and plan positive outcomes for your networking. In fact, we do this with my mentoring clients. It really is amazing what can happen when you are more deliberate with your networking strategy. 

Think about how you use your social grooming time every day...?

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Happy Netships!

Posted on February 1, 2011 .