NO Email Friday (it's global)...

Ok, I know, it's been a while. We have been busy bees teaching networking skills around the country with some interesting findings to share with you...including asking you to ban emails tomorrow...

Last week I was invited to present at the Gartner Symposium, where technology was all the rage! A quick hello to our new Buzz readers that attended my sessions or visited our stand.

I met lots of people there, and we did have a chuckle when a CIO said to me "my staff have more of a relationship with their laptops than their team". This was a common trend with both my roundtables and a focus on how to be more effective within networks - people not IT that is.

Questions like;

  • how do I increase my influence?
  • get more people in the business to trust me?
  • manage remote relationships
  • collaborate more with other departments?

There is no greater place to appreciate technology that an IT based Expo, but the irony of course is that all these discussions can only take place face-to-face! Even the Socia Media speaker, Jason Bradshaw, had a slide that boldly said "Social Media DOES NOT replace Face-to-Face communication"  (thank-you Jason). 

As you know by now, I love technology. It is important to differentiate that I believe technology is an enabler, not a relationship! The latter is unfortunately where people are going wrong. These two worlds will collide soon (and I will write more on my findings on this topic in future additions), but for now I have a great challenge for you.

Tomorrow is No Email Friday!  Kicking the email habit worldwide!

It all started two years ago when, Jay Ellison, executive vice president at Chicago-based U.S. Cellular, got so tired of his e-mail building up to the amount of 200 a day that he finally sent out a memo to his 5,500 employees. “I’m announcing a ban on e-mail every Friday,” it read. “Get out to meet your teams face-to-face. Pick up the phone and give someone a call. … I look forward to not hearing from any of you, but stop by as often as you like.”

One day without email is a first step on the path to a new email culture, according to the official site - check there for 'The 10 commandments' of email after your day of abstinence.

All you need to do is avoid emails for one day - Can you do it??

Come on, everybody's doing it! A BBC article announced that Intel has become the latest in an increasingly long line of companies to launch a so-called 'no e-mail day'. On Fridays, 150 of its engineers revert to more old-fashioned means of communication. 

Firms such as US Cellular and Deloitte and Touche have been experimenting with e-mail for some time.

Last year, fulfilment firm PBD launched a no e-mail Friday, when chief executive Scott Dockter suspected that over-dependence on e-mail was damaging productivity.

Four months later the company felt the trial had been a resounding success, with better teamwork, happier customers and quicker problem solving.

Read more from this article 'Turn off e-mail and do some work', By Jane Wakefield Technology reporter, BBC News

I believe this is a great initiative and hope you will join me in spreading the word....

As always, get in touch to chat further.

Happy Netships!

Posted on November 25, 2010 .