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Event Recommendations for gaining the most out of your program:

• Please ask us any questions that you have about your upcoming program – we’re always happy to chat with you and help where we can. Once confirmed, we offer unlimited meetings/phone calls prior to your event to ensure we deliver the best presentation for the day. We also encourage post event de-brief's.
• If your program with us is not a full 1-day program, then we are best suited to be slotted in prior to a lunch or cocktails; this enables participants to practice learnings immediately. This also ensures better networking for the duration of your event, so we suggest placing us early on your schedule e.g day 1 of a 2 day event.
• Regarding AV requirements - we works off a Mac's and carry our own adapter - it will plug into the existing VGA for projector.
• Training Requirements from Client: training room, projector, screen and flip chart (rather than whiteboard). • Please keep us updated on the numbers attending and if there are any changes, as all activities are tailored to the group size you have booked.
• To ensure participants get the most out of our program, we highly recommend you reiterate to all to turn off mobile phones whilst in session and inform there will be adequate time during breaktimes if a call is necessary.

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